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The largest silymarin production line in China has been established in Taibai

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Recently, an annual production project of 150 tons silymarin in Taibai County has passed the acceptance test. Experts believe that "the production line technology is reasonable, the product quality is stable, the overall technology is in the leading level in China, and the production scale ranks first in the country". The planting area of medicinal materials in Taibai County has reached more than 80,000 mu, and 25% of the per capita net income of farmers comes from the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Shaanxi Side Company was established in Taibai County as a processing enterprise of Chinese medicinal materials. Its self-developed silymarin is a very precious Chinese medicinal material. Last year, Side Company formally launched a silymarin processing and production project with a total investment of 9.786 million yuan. The project was completed and put into production in October of that year. It can produce eight specifications of silymarin products with an annual output of 150 tons, with an output value of 39 million yuan and a profit of 5.23 million yuan.